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Legal acts

1. Law on Electronic Communications

 2. Postal Law


 3. Law on Electronic Signature


 4. Law on the Protection of Minors Against the Detrimental Effect of Public Information


 5. Law on the Provision of Information to the Public


Resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania

1. Regulations of the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania
   (Resolution No 1029 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 19 August 2004;

new edition of provisions since 27 May 2014 )

2. Rules for Indemnification of the Losses Associated with the Provision of Universal Electronic Communications Services,  Setting the Price Cap of the Universal Electronic Communications Service

  (Resolution No 1248 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 27 October 2011)

3. Rules of Using the State Name of Lithuania in Internet Domain Names

   (Resolution No 1272 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 7 October 2009)

4. Requirements for Certification Service Providers Creating Qualified Certificates

   (Resolution No 2108 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 31 December 2002)

5. Requirements for Electronic Signature Equipment 

   (Resolution No 2108 of the Governement of the Republic of Lithuania of 31 December 2002)


Orders of the Director of RRT


1. Rules for the Provision of Universal Electronic Communications Services

   (Order No 1V-889 of RRT Director of 20 September 2011)


2. General Terms and Conditions for Engaging in Electronic Communications Activitie

    (Order No 1V-340 of RRT Director of 8 April 2005)


3. Rules for Provision of Electronic Communications Services

    (Order No 1V-1085 of RRT Director of 7 November 2011)


4. Rules for Installation, Marking, Supervision and Use of Electronic Communications Infrastructure

(Order No 1V-978  of RRT Director of 14 October 2011)


5. Rules for the Allocation and Use of Telephone Numbers

   (Order No 1V-1104 of RRT Director of 13 December 2005)


6. Terms and Conditions of Ensuring the Subscriber’s Right to Retain the Subscriber Number when Changing the Provider of Telephone Services or the Place and Method of the Provision of Services

   (Order No 1V-460 of RRT Director of 29 April 2011)


7. Technical Regulations of Radiocommunication Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment

   (Order No 138 of RRT Director of 14 October 2002)
8. Rules for the Assignment and Use of Radio Frequencies/Channels
   (Order No 1V-854 of RRT Director of 6 October 2005)


9. Rules on the Ensurance of Security and Integrity of Public Communications Networks and Public Electronic    Communications Services

   (Order No 1V-1013 of RRT Director of 21 October 2011)

10. Specification of the Procedure and Requirements for Accreditation of Certification Service Providers

   (Order No 1V-410 of RRT Director of 19 April 2011)
11.Rules for Delivery and Provision of Access, including Interconnection of Networks
    (Order No 1V-960 of RRT Director of 10 October 2011)





















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